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'Rings' director has come a long way
2007-07-06 New Line had good reason to be nervous in 1999 when entrusting its 11-hour, $281-million "Lord of the Rings" franchise to Peter Jackson. more is back!
2006-09-16 I have been thinking of taking the site offline, but you know what, I decided not to. So enjoy over 2000 Lord of the Rings movies related images and a huge news archive! more

Lord of the Rings Exhibition at London?s Science Museum
2005-09-16 A storm of publicity, both good and bad, greeted the recent opening of The Lord of the Rings Motion Picture Trilogy Exhibition at London?s Science Museum, but with record-breaking advance ticket sales of nearly 20 000, its success was assured.  more

Mogul Zaentz, New Line Settle Suit Over 'Rings'
2005-09-01 Movie and music mogul Saul Zaentz and New Line Cinema have reached an out-of-court settlement in a suit over foreign royalties from director Peter Jackson's blockbuster "The Lord of the Rings" film trilogy.  more

Actor Elijah Wood of 'The Lord of the Rings' keeps fans in hobbit habit
2005-09-01 A weekend convention of Lord of the Rings devotees offered analytical discussions about characters' roles and how author J.R.R. Tolkien has inspired creativity in others. more

2004-09-04  CALL him the mystery monkey. Director Peter Jackson is tight-lipped about the leading ape in his much-anticipated upcoming “King Kong“ remake, which begins filming Monday.  more

Empire Online Reviews RotK DVD
2004-04-26  There’s not much point reading this page - the review is redundant and the release itself is something of a non-event. Make no mistake, autumn’s four-disc edition is the most anticipated DVD this side of Star Wars, and the additional footage arguably 2004’s most exciting hour of celluloid; the two-disc tease, however, is for families, not fans.  more

Jack Black Takes on Jackson’s King Kong!
2004-04-12  Envy star Jack Black has been in cast alongside Naomi Watts in Peter Jackson’s remake of King Kong. Black will play Carl Denham, an adventurer filmmaker who is trying to make a name for himself in 1930s New York. Robert Armstrong played the role in the 1933 original.  more

Rings’ creatures down in the dumps
2004-04-12  It could almost be a scene from Peter Jackson’s The Return of the King. Two decapitated winged creatures called Fell Beasts and their evil Nazgul masters lie silently in an isolated field.  more

Lord of the Rings boosts profit
2004-04-12  The Oscar-scooping Lord of the Rings trilogy has helped a film distribution company become the most profitable firm in the UK.  more

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